About Us


I’m Tamera. I started Hangover Healthcare as a branch of my full-time practice – Nashville Health Pro – as a way to extend my abilities and passion for healthcare to more people around Nashville. The effects from dehydration can become serious, and as Nashville is a bachelorette hotspot, travel destination, and location with extreme heat in the summers, we see those effects almost everyday – year round. I love helping people, and truly hope to meet you and your group soon!


Short Notice Availability

Days of Care (Mobile): Saturday & Sunday

In-Clinic appts: Tuesday-Saturday (please call to book)

Greater Nashville Area


“Saved Our Lives!”
Amazing and easy service! Saved our lives!!! Super friendly and responsive. The mobile service was so convenient.

“I’m Planning On Another One”
Amazing, I feel energized! I got the Myers cocktail, and I’m planning on getting another when I return from Japan to help with dehydration from my 16 hour flight.

Our Mission

Hangover Healthcare is a company personalized for you. If you are not feeling 100% or want that extra boost for your immune system and body we are here for you.

Our Nashville team of IV specialists create a one of a kind experience to our clients. We take our services to the next level by offering more than just rehydration. We have numerous services that can detox and revitalize your body.

Our Mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality of care and service. We want our clients to be more than just our customers. We make our customers feel right at home. Literally, if you want our IV services and dont want to leave your home you dont have to! 

Our Mobile IV Services allow you to stay where you are and we will come to you. Just set up an appointment and we will be on our way.

Try our new Nashvegas Special, or Rockstar Combo – Fights Hangovers, Colds and Increases Athletic Performance by replenishing electrolytes and boosting metabolism!

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